Aqua Medic Power Flotor L3 išputintojas skimmer

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The new Aqua Medic Power Flotor L is a powerful protein skimmer išputintojas for aquaria up to 500 liters.

The big advantage of the Power Flotor skimmer is its compact design, where the pump is located under the skimmer. The Aqua Medic Power Flotor can be used even in small filter sumps. In addition to its compactness, the new skimmer convinces with is very quiet operation and great skimming performance.

protein skimmer for aquariums up to 500 l
compact and adjustable skimmer for filter sump use
integrated, adjustable 24 V pump DC Runner incl. controller
with button to allow skimmer to pause or feeding
0 – 10 V connection enabled
optimum bubble size and shape due to the effective power wheel
near silent operation with the adjustable water outlet positioned on the bottom of the housing
silencer that can be positioned freely
foaming is adjustable both electronically and manually
compact design allows for use in small areas
can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning
Technical data Aqua Medic Power Flotor L:

for aquariums up to 500 l
total power consumption: max. 13 watts
Pump: Aqua Medic DC Runner
air power max.: 450 l/h
total height: app. 48 cm
required space: app. 15 x 15 cm
optimum water level in the filter sump: 16-20 cm
Power Flotor

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